Posted by: Tom,

What is with the flat tires? Last weekend it was my son and yesterday it was my wife. She came home from dropping off my daughter in a neighboring town and said she had a flat. Sure enough, a hunk of metal was sticking out of the tread. I jacked up the car just enough to keep the rim from cutting the tire and waited until this morning.

I got it fixed quickly this morning so hopefully we are good to go, thanks to our neighborhood car shop. I was a little worried that we had ruined the tire because Kim said the tire pressure warning light came on but she thought she could make it home. It was pretty flat by the time she got here. I don't know why she doesn't heed warning lights. She did that about 25 years ago when a temp light came on because a freeze plug rusted out. That was expensive. Apparently warning lights are made to be ignored, in her mind.


I'm Tom. I have a wonderful wife, 4 kids, a dog, and a cat. What more could a guy want.

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