If You Dare

Posted by: Tom,

An incredibly useful exercise... if you dare, is to put yourself in God's place and think about what it would take to create a being that had the capacity to truly love you. The key here is to think about true love.

Obviously, if we are forced to love it really isn't true love. So how much freedom would this being require? Does it require complete freedom, along with all the consequences that might come with it? Can I create restrictions or will that disqualify it from being true love?

What about influences? Would I have to create an environment for this being that does not influence the being to love or not to love? Is some influence allowed to be able to still call it true love? If so, how much?

Would I be able to manipulate the being I created, pushing it toward truly loving me? It seems unfair if I couldn't express my love for it first. Does that mean that any love returned to me is not really true love?

Fitting in with all of the above are things like sin, pain, loss, and sadness. Would these have to be allowed as options if true love were to exist. If the beings couldn't choose other than to love could they really express true love?

I know this is a difficult topic to process but I think it answers a lot of questions that people have about life. Like, "How can a loving God allow bad things to happen?" But if that is too much to think about I will settle for someone telling me why I have to put in html page break tags in this blog manually to get a space between paragraphs. Or better yet, how to fix it. This world has too many things to think about.


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